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Increase in European car sales as consumers opts for safety features

Japan: European car manufacturers have witnessed increased sales in the Japanese market by standardizing installation of safety devices in their cars to appeal to Japanese consumers, and by distinguishing themselves from domestic manufacturers, which have focused on practicality.

Audi Japan KK released its all-new Q5 sport-utility vehicle Wednesday. Prices range from 5.79 million yen to 6.37 million yen (tax included). President Hiroshi Okita, said: “It passed the benefits of the strong yen on to consumers by making high-grade aluminum wheels and car navigation systems standard features. It intends to sell 1,800 cars annually to have an about 50 percent share of the high-grade domestic SUV market.”

The monthly sales of the small up vehicle released by Volkswagen in October are running smoothly at about 1,600 cars. The lowest price is about 1.5 million yen, more expensive than Toyota Motor Corp.’s Vitz and Honda Motor Co.’s Fit. But the new car has a standard collision-avoidance feature that automatically stops it when a collision is imminent. Ryuji Ochi, product manager of Volkswagen Group Japan, said: “Consumers are strict with regards to safety.”



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