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Intelematics Europe partners with POST telecom

post-group-telematicswireintelematics-telematicswireIntelematics Europe a provider of connected mobility and traffic services, today announced the appointment of POST Telecom as its telecommunications carrier.

POST Telecom currently provide M2M carriage services in the automotive sector to major automotive OEMs such as PSA Group, but also to automotive aftermarket products and several Telematics Service Provider solutions. 
POST Telecom will provide carrier services and SIM management for the Intelematics Europe Connected Membership program. The agreement will allow members of European roadside assistance clubs to access a wide range of connected car services through smartphone apps and in vehicle dongles.  Key services featured include vehicle help, trip information, driver behaviour modification and diagnostic vehicle alerts. 
“POST Telecom offered a comprehensive partnership approach, including SIM management integration, facilitation and support on an ongoing basis for the term of our contract requirements. One of the biggest selling points for our team was the fact that the company is very flexible in service delivery – POST has both highly competitive commercial terms and excellent coverage models. These in turn will offer product flexibility to our Intelematics Europe member clubs for such things as premium product and services offerings,” said Jim Kennedy, CEO Intelematics Europe. 
“I am very pleased about this new partnership in our M2M/IoT activity. Specifically in the automotive and telematics environment POST Luxembourg offers various strategic competitive advantages in terms of unique network coverage all across Europe and the seamless use of these. This is a great benefit to Intelematics customers regarding user experience and service quality,” said Cliff Konsbruck, Director, POST Telecom S.A.

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