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Mercedes-Benz Korea and KT Corp collaborate to offer connected car services in Korea

Mercedes-Benz Korea and Seoul-based mobile carrier KT Corp are coming together to offer connected car services that will be customized according to the needs of Korean drivers. It is being seen as a step in response to the alliance of BMW Korea and SK Telecom, formed lately.


The connected car service will be known as “Mercedesmercedes-t'wire me connect,” and the services offered will be of three types, namely – bCall, eCall, and iCall. The bCall, standing for breakdown call allows drivers to make 24-hour roadside assistance when the car breaks down, while eCall, or emergency call, automatically notifies a customer contact center on information such as the location of the car and the number of passengers when an accident occurs.  The iCall, or information call, provides artificial intelligence-based secretarial supports such as advising driving routes to a destination and searching for popular restaurants.  It also has services that would facilitate the drivers to monitor car’s status such as fuel efficiency and brake pad condition via their smartphones and have related information to an auto repair center.

KT will conduct tests on the new technology until June and launch the new network-based driving service from the second half this year.


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