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MOIA to take over the Finnish software company Split Finland Oy

MOIA, the new mobility company in the Volkswagen Group, is taking over the Finnish software company Split Finland Oy. As a wholly owned MOIA subsidiary the Espoo-based company will be known as MOIA Finland Oy. The main tasks of the team led by co-founder Teemu Sihvola will include the development of the pooling algorithms that will be used to manage MOIA’s ride-pooling concept.


Split Finland was founded in 2011 as Ajelo Oy. Up to 2015 the Finnish start-up developed the software behind the ride-pooling concept Kutsuplus, which was operated by Helsinki Region Transport. The US-based ride-pooling company Split took over Ajelo in 2014 with the goal of using its software to develop a ride-pooling concept in Washington D.C.

Ajelo developed the world’s first fully automated pooling solution. That technology enables ride requests from users who are travelling in similar directions to be served with just one vehicle in a fully automated and dynamic way. Would-be passengers use an app to notify the system of their location and destination. An algorithm then calculates the most efficient route possible for the shuttle. This is the only way to make highly efficient and sustainable real-time shared mobility possible.

MOIA was announced in December 2016 and launched in January 2017. A young, growing team of around 50 employees in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg is now working on the development and implementation of a ride-pooling concept. With its shuttle-on-demand concept MOIA is planning to ease the traffic burden in cities worldwide over the next few years and thus improve the quality of life in urban areas.

MOIA – the Volkswagen Group’s new mobility services company



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