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NHTSA to delay plans to mandate reversing camera until 2015


USA: According to a recent news, a decision on US government plans to mandate reversing cameras has been delayed until 2015 with the requirement not now expected to come into force until 2017.

As in news, the decision to delay the legislation yet again was noted in a letter to the US Senator Jay Rockefeller, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committe, from National Highway US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. Earlier this month, David Strickland, the NHTSA Administrator, stated that there is no fixed deadline to finalise the legislation.

As per the source, the backup camera legislation was initially approved for legislation by the US Congress in 2007 requiring NHTSA to produce rules by 2011. Since this, there has been continued delay and lobbying against the proposals from the US automotive industry based on cost.


Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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