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Sumitomo and NEC collaborating in IoT and AI based mobility business

Sumitomo Electric Industries and NEC Corporation are collaborating in the mobility business, including planning and development of automotive components.

The two companies plan to develop, demonstrate, and commercialize hardware and software for in-vehicle and transportation infrastructure systems by capitalizing on their cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, while expanding the business in stages. However, the collaboration between the companies is not new and from last year the companies are working on vehicle connectivity support business using networks.

Sumitomo Electric develops and manufactures a wide range of products related to vehicle mobility, in-vehicle components and traffic control systems for traffic infrastructure. NEC develops solutions leveraging its portfolio of cutting-edge AI technologies, as well as advanced technologies, products, and services, including its IT infrastructure and cloud platforms. The company also develops software for these products and services, in addition to technologies and solutions to achieve high levels of security.

The two companies plan to take full advantage of their strengths to develop AI- and IoT-based connectivity products with advanced security and to expand mobility business.

The advancement in technology especially in the field of IoT, AI and rising demand for connectivity in cars are creating business opportunities by seamlessly connecting networks both in and outside of vehicles. Moreover, autonomous driving and car sharing have increased the demand for safe, secure and efficient services utilizing AI. This has led to companies with diverse fields to collaborate in order to create products fulfilling these demands.


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