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Volkswagen & Israeli group form cyber security firm, CYMOTIVE

Published: September 20, 2016

Volkswagen with three leading Israeli experts and their team is jointly establishing an automotive cyber security company. The newly founded CYMOTIVE Technologies led by Yuval Diskin, Tsafrir Kats and Dr Tamir Bechor will develop advanced cyber security solutions for next generation connected carsVolkswagen and mobile services.

The age of the connected car enables customers to use a variety of features inside modern vehicles. However, with increasing connectivity comes an increasing risk. Aspects such as intelligent and autonomous driving increase the number of interfaces in the vehicle and thus the risk of malicious attack.


Dr Volkmar Tanneberger, Head of Electrical and Electronic Development for the Volkswagen brand, said:

The car and the Internet are becoming increasingly integrated. To enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the next decade, we need to expand our know-how in cyber security in order to systematically advance vehicle cyber security for our customers. CYMOTIVE Technologies provides an excellent platform for doing this. It is a long-term investment in cyber security to make vehicles and their ecosystem more secure.

Through this cooperation Volkswagen is further developing its core capabilities in the field of cyber security and is combining its forces with the expertise of the cyber security specialists from Israel. Mr Diskin will be serving as the chairman of CYMOTIVE Technologies.

Yuval Diskin, former head of the Israeli Security Services, said:

The new cooperation will take an innovative and strategic approach to cyber security. Together with Volkswagen we are building a top-notch team of cyber security experts. We are aware of the significant technological challenges that will face us in the next years in dealing with the cyber security threats facing the connected car and the development of the autonomous car.

Volkswagen didn’t provide a list of manufacturers it has partnered with to deploy the cybersecurity solutions. For now, it looks like Volkswagen and possibly Porsche will be the only customers.


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