AutonomousMarket Activities

New growth opportunities emerge as traditional OEMs evolve from product suppliers to service providers

New Frost & Sullivan analysis, Insight on North American OEM ADAS Sensor Strategies

  • Highly improved advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensors are accelerating original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) efforts to incorporate levels 4 and 5 automation features in their vehicles. These technological improvements are also encouraging conventional OEMs to transform themselves into mobility service providers. Most OEMs have deep techno-commercial expertise on automated vehicle technologies and are aiming to enhance and standardize active safety features that are currently available only as options.
  • Several disruptions are expected in the autonomous driving segment in the next five years.  Specifically, most OEMS are projected to replace ultrasonic sensors wit short-range radars for more functionality, while light detection and ranging (LiDAR)-enabled vehicles could be commercially available in the following decade.
  • Despite the rapid advances in technology, legislations often delay the market introduction of ADAS technologies. The high costs of the systems also limit the application of ADAS to higher-end vehicles. However, as sensors and algorithms become more widely available, costs are expected to reduce. Currently, legislators across North America and Europe are actively working on introducing favorable regulations.
  • Autonomous vehicle technologies are still in the early stages of development, but several disruptions are expected in the next five years. OEMs moving toward autonomous driving are currently focusing on building a trifocal camera in sensor fusion with other cameras and radars.
  • Autonomous technologies will transform the market from a product-centric one to a service-driven one. There is a strong need to look beyond traditional sales models and adopt strong leasing and shared mobility offerings to enter the market, as the timing of market entry and access to user base are critical for market success.

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