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Modus partners with Bell to offer ‘Modus Go’ insurance telematics solutions to Bell customers

Published: September 4, 2014 | United States

Modus announced a new partnership with Bell, Canada’s communications company, to be the exclusive carrier in Canada to bring the innovative suite of Modus Go insurance telematics solutions to insurance providers and their customers.

Modus is changing the dynamics of the global automobile insurance marketplace with its Modus Go solution, which combines real time tracking of driver behaviors: speed, acceleration, braking, and GPS mapping to incorporate situational awareness of the environment where these driver behaviors occur: type of road, topography, surroundings.

The resulting data provides the potential to improve driver safety by offering drivers a detailed understanding of their driver habits and skills, presented through customized driver assessments. In turn, these assessments can generate customized educational content to mitigate potentially dangerous behaviors and recognize and promote safe driving habits.

The Modus Go suite of products also integrates important safety products targeting common driving distractions like cell-phone use and programs tailored to young drivers and their parents.

“The catalyst for the insurance telematics revolution is connectivity from vehicle to database and back to the driver. Delivering the Modus Go solution over Bell’s state-of-the-art high-speed wireless network means we can offer a closed connectivity loop for Canadian insurers, creating a seamless flow of information and enabling more insightful programs, improved products and pricing and safer roads for everyone.”Brandon Johnson, CEO of Modus

Fully deployed insurance telematics solutions, such as those being implemented by Modus in the United States and elsewhere, require a vast array of device, network and data management capabilities. The partnership brings these Modus capabilities to insurers in Canada with Bell providing the connectivity and media network to gather and deliver data to drivers in every province.

Source: Modus


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