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UK: TomTom Link for ‘woop’ insurance telematics service

TomTom's Link for woop telematics insurance cover
TomTom’s Link for woop telematics insurance cover

UK: TomTom has announced that woop, a new car insurance policy for young drivers will be using its technology.

TomTom’s LINK 410 tracking device will be installed in the policy-holder’s vehicle to provide data on all aspects of driver performance, from acceleration and harsh steering or braking to accident reporting. The device also allows the vehicle to be tracked in the event of theft.

David Hayward, Managing Director of woop cover, said: “Woop allows young people to unlock the benefits of cheaper car insurance without having to submit to restrictions or curfews, by joining forces with TomTom, we have selected a partner that not only offers a market-leading technology proposition but also top-class security standards for the protection of customer data”.




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