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CX North America Information Services Inc has announced the launch of its next-generation mobile app for drivers

CX North America Information Services Inc has announced the launch of its next-generation mobile app for drivers. The Mobile App provides real-time information exchange and tracking within the context of specific freight shipments, offering drivers, fleet managers, brokers and customers the most up-to-date information possible. Beyond delivering unparalleled location, communication and control functionality at the tap of a finger, the app offers a ready means for enhanced vehicle utilization, better load and capacity management, lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions.CXNA-t'wire

The CX North America Mobile App was created by transport professionals for transport professionals. As an outgrowth of a proven application in use for over 16 years, the app comes to market with optimizations derived from practical experience conveying hundreds of millions of dollars of freight shipments by some 4,500 companies. The app integrates seamlessly with CX North America, the firm’s advanced online platform, and with most telematics and transportation management systems.

The CX North America Mobile App is perfect for carriers, drivers, brokers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers. Key benefits of the app include:

  • Delivers visibility and control functionality that increases vehicle utilization, load management and use of excess capacity.
  • Sends real-time job alerts directly to drivers in the field, matching vehicle location, capacity and capabilities with businesses in need of freight services.
  • Allows drivers to send alerts showing both current status and future availability.
  • Provides live tracking links that allow customers and partners to see job status in real time from acceptance of the job until after proof of delivery (POD).
  • Conveys all shipment details at a glance, including full load information and pick-up/delivery notes and instructions.
  • Has a built-in CX Messenger feature that allows real-time, secure, two-way communications with drivers, controllers and partners and links all conversation records to specific jobs, creating a fully auditable trail.
  • Allows capture of electronic PODs in real time and stamps date and time on PODs.
  • Puts the app user in full control over the information visible to others. If users want to limit visibility to their own company, they can do so. If they want to be invisible and turn off tracking while on break or off duty, for example, then they can do so. Control rests exclusively with the app user. There are no hidden settings.

The CX North America Mobile App is available for Google Android operating systems now, with the Apple version coming soon. It is free of charge for CX North America subscribers and firms doing business with subscribers. Notably, the app is optimized for display on a full range of screens.


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