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Feature Story: Put the brakes on distracted driving and unprotected messaging

Published: May 29, 2014


Demetrius Thompson
Demetrius Thompson

With hundreds of billions of text messages exchanged every month, you might be one of those engaging in unprotected texting while driving.  If you are still texting and driving, you are 23 times more likely to crash and be one of the 3500 deaths or over 400,000 injuries caused every year by this dangerous textual activity.  At least 35% of teens admit to practicing unprotected texting while driving and there’s a 400% increase in time spent with eyes off the road if you are engaging in life threatening text behavior.  The staggering statistics of injury and death associated with distracted driving are simply unacceptable when there are solutions so easily available.  Now there’s new cutting edge technology in the form of a cell phone app designed to protect you fromdistraction-related accidents and put the brakes on distracted driving.

The revolutionary, innovative “PULL OVER TO TEXT” app will alert you with an audible message that says “Please PULL OVER TO TEXT” when you receive a text message.  This new personal life saving messenger will customize your outgoing message without you ever looking at your phone.  We’ve all received a text whilespeeding down the highway or in heavy traffic and we don’t want our friends or loved ones to think we’re ignoring them.  With this unique messenger app, they will immediately know that you are not in a safe position to text back and they will be happy and relieved to know that you are ok even though you cannot risk texting back immediately.Texting while driving is deadly and no one wants a friend or loved one risking it, but we do like to know our messages have been received and acknowledged. Now, it’s possible!

Some of the auto replies available are:  “I am not able to answer your text while driving.”; “I will call you in a few minutes.”, or “I will text you when I can pull over.”  In addition, you can also personalize your own custom message response in your own voice.

Unprotected texting is one of the greatest dangers of mobile devices in our time and after being involved in two accidents caused by distracted drivers, I was inspired to combine my gift of creativity with the wonders of innovative technology to save lives.”says Demetrius Thompson, Chairman and founder of Global Mobile Alert, a company dedicated to saving lives, while honoring the families and victims of distracted driving.


About Global Mobile Alert

PULL OVER TO TEXT® was launched on the Google Play Store for Android Smartphones: and can be downloaded now for free in over 154 countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and France.  For a complete list of the countries, go to




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