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CES 2015: OpenCar demonstrated its infotainment and telematics solutions on Mazda Connect

Published: January 08, 2015 | International Consumer Electronics Show 2015

OpenCar Inc., a Seattle-based automotive infotainment & telematics toolmaker, announced completion of all core capabilities for its standards-based OpenCar Connect framework.  OpenCar is showcasing its optimized workflow for automotive infotainment feature development, as well as its expanding telematics and infotainment application portfolio running on the Mazda Connect infotainment system in the Mazda/OpenCar hospitality suite at the 2015 International CES, 

OpenCar is demonstrating a number of new infotainment applications from partners including Stitcher, Parkopedia, WCities, Glympse and others. OpenCar is also showing how users of its SDK are able to utilize vehicle data without specialized knowledge of each vehicle’s CAN bus, ECUs, or automotive software stack.

“The OpenCar Connect framework supports the creation, management and distribution of any software-defined application including digital dash, car functions such as HVAC, infotainment, telematics and connected devices, all in the Mazda-defined HMI.”
Hiroshi Kajiyama, Program Manager of Mazda Connect System

OpenCar tools and services streamline the creation, distribution and management of automotive-grade applications that work seamlessly across car makes and models. OpenCar’s unique framework separates application business logic, HMI and integration middleware, enabling the company’s software to be used to develop, validate and distribute new in-car applications within days or weeks, radically accelerating time to market for new software innovations. Further, HMI is easy to manage and modify, enabling automakers to easily create and update safe, branded user experiences.

Source: OpenCar


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