Comodo android anti-theft app leverages Skyhook Wireless for location

Comodo android antitheft app
Comodo android antitheft app

USA: Skyhook Wireless and Comodo have entered into a strategic partnership to integrate Skyhook’s hybrid location platform into Comodo’s Anti-Theft app for Android devices.

Comodo’s Anti-Theft app for Android is a new service that enables customers to remotely locate, lock and recover a lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet. The app has an ability to remotely capture and upload photos of whoever is operating the missing device to aid authorities in their recovery efforts and also in identifying the thief. Designed to address the security, monitoring and management needs of users with limited time and IT support, Comodo’s new Anti-Theft app further extends the depth and reach of Comodo’s Internet Security Software Suite of services.

Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo’s CEO and chief security architect, said: “Comodo selected Skyhook’s leading hybrid location service because of its precision, speed and power efficiency, all of which are critical to Comodo in our mission to locate, track and recover lost or stolen devices. With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices and the sensitive information they contain, the need for protection is more important than ever. Accurate and reliable location information is critical to that protection equation and our partnership with Skyhook ensures that our customers know their devices are protected with the best location technology available today.”

Ronda Billings Morra, Skyhook’s Director of Marketing, said: “Skyhook is delighted to partner with Comodo. Comodo, is bringing a compelling security and protection solution to the market and we are proud to be part of their solution.”



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