Elektrobit to provide HMI development platform to Volkswagen

Elektrobit recently announced it is providing the development platform for the digital instrument clusters and infotainment devices in Volkswagen’s new generation of electric cars.

EB claims its software toolkit to be among the most feature-rich HMI software solutions in the industry and its toolchain enables developers at Volkswagen design complex human-machine interfaces (HMI) easily and quickly.

EB GUIDE allows the development of customized user interfaces for different brands from a single source. It applies a model-based approach to the HMI development process including prototyping, specification, implementation and maintenance, thus saving time and productivity. It enables developers to implement intuitive graphical 2D or 3D user interfaces with voice, touch, and gesture control features.

Instead of developing software, HMI developers design the HMI with EB GUIDE’s desktop tools and execute it with EB GUIDE’s run-time components which are specifically engineered to run on automotive devices so HMI developers can focus on maximizing the user experience. EB GUIDE lets them instantly test their changes on the desktop PC and quickly deploy them to the target device.

Source: Press Release


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