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Faurecia to showcase its sustainable mobility and the cockpit technologies

Faurecia will be exhibiting its latest innovations for Sustainable Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future Auto Shanghai 2019.


• A fully integrated Cockpit of the Future in a serial production vehicle reflecting how onboard intelligence and integrated design creates a more connected, personalized and immersive experience to allow all occupants, both front and rear row, to make the most of their time onboard.

• Innovative versatile seat structures: new front and rear seat structures and kinematics with specific safety features, developed with ZF, to optimize individual comfort and safety in all seat positions and orientations of an autonomous car.

• Advanced individual thermal comfort: smart and efficient thermal management and air quality solutions developed with Mahle that bring personalized wellness.

• An immersive sound experience: new surface activation and noise cancellation technologies that enhance the audio experience within an individual sound bubble.

For the first time, Faurecia will also showcase Clarion technologies including:

• In-Vehicle-Infotainment and intuitive HMI solution: HD displays that can be personalized in four zones allowing occupants to enjoy different features such as navigation, entertainment, apps and infotainment.

• Full HD camera for advanced driver assistance to improve safety and visibility around the vehicle.

Clarion, a wholly owned company of Faurecia since March 28, 2019, has been integrated into a new Business Group, Faurecia Clarion Electronics, combining Clarion with Parrot Automotive and Coagent Electronics. In China, Faurecia Clarion Electronics represents a total of 3,700 employees, including 900 engineers.


• Fuel cell systems: a comprehensive range of fuel tank and fuel cell technologies for both light and commercial vehicles stack technologies. Faurecia and Michelin have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a joint venture with the intention of becoming a global leader in hydrogen mobility. This joint venture will immediately offer a unique range of hydrogen fuel cell systems for all use cases.

• Solutions for hybrid powertrains for improved fuel economy such as the compact Exhaust Heat Recovery System (EHRS). This solution improves vehicle efficiency by recovering up to 75% of exhaust heat for reuse.

• Resonance Free Pipe: this technology, who has just won prestigious PACE Award, uses micro-perforated patches placed along the tailpipe to cancel resonances and provides a 50% reduction of the typical tailpipe weight.

Source: Press Release


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