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Ford is planning to offer concierge service, mobile payment and community hubs via FordPass

Published: January 20,2016 | Dearborn, MI

FordPass is a platform that will allow consumers access to concierge services, smart parking, car-sharing, and more. Whether they own a Ford vehicle or not, people will be able to sign up for the FordPass Marketplace for free and access “a collection of personal, digital, and physical solutions” that will improve their mobility experience. It will come with a rewards program called FordPass Perks as well as a virtual wallet called FordPay so that purchases can be made within the platform.

FordPass will launch in the United States and Canada this spring, followed by Europe, China and Brazil later in the year.

FordGuides will provide one-on-one support to help people plan their daily trips, explain different route options, and book parking spaces. Ford clarified that “the guides will be available free of charge. Their only job is to guide, serve, and help solve mobility challenges – not to sell.”


To help people find and pay for parking more easily, Ford is working with Parkwhiz, a company that offers a smart parking app for Chicago, New York and San Francisco, and Parkopedia, which runs a parking information website.

For car-sharing and borrowing services, Ford is working with Flightcar, which allows people to rent out their vehicles to other pre-screened traveling members at low rates with free insurance.

Furthermore, Ford also plans to launch FordHubs, urban storefronts where people can “experience easier ways to move today, but also to explore, learn and rethink what a smarter way to move could mean for [them] tomorrow.” The first location will open this year at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York, followed by locations in London, Shanghai and San Francisco.”

Source: Ford


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