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Geely to be the first Chinese automaker to provide Apple CarPlay by 2016

Published: September 15, 2015 | Beijing, China

Geely, China’s largest automotive manufacturer, has inked a deal with Apple to integrate CarPlay into an upcoming compact SUV model, making it the first Chinese automaker to support the infotainment system.

No detail about the SUV model have been released (except the spy picture). Although Apple’s iOS device are more expensive than Chinese Android brands, they do offer features that are available in China and work out of the box. Apple’s official App Store, Maps, iTunes and Mail all work in China, while Google alternatives are currently blocked and require a VPN to access.


For Geely, CarPlay integration was perhaps an inevitability considering it counts Volvo among its subsidiaries. The Swedish carmaker was one of the first to commit to Apple’s solution, though the project’s current status is unknown. After showing off a concept in-dash unit shortly after CarPlay debuted last year, Volvo hasn’t said much about future availability and has yet to integrated the system into a shipping car.

Volvo, along with Ferrari and Mercedes was one of the initial three companies to pledge support for CarPlay and a Volvo XC90, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 was the first to offer attendees a hands-on demonstration of its capabilities.

As for Geely, the company plans to launch its CarPlay-enabled SUV in 2016.

Source: Apple Insider, GizChina


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