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GENIVI Alliance recieves Supplier Innovation Award from BMW Group for Linux-based IVI system

Published: October 29, 2014 | San Ramon, CA

The GENIVI Alliance has received the Supplier Innovation Award in the category of Innovation Partnership from the BMW Group. Presented during its third BMW Supplier Innovation Awards event in Amsterdam, the award recognizes BMW’s most innovative suppliers as key partners in making decisive contributions to the success of the company.

Please refer to the BMW Case Study for more information.

In November 2013, BMW introduced its first generation GENIVI Linux head unit product, which is now featured in many BMW Group models.  The head unit, which is the central component for in-car communications, navigation and entertainment, leveraged the open source software developed in GENIVI for the non-differentiating functionality required by IVI systems. 

“With the delivery of our first Linux head unit, BMW has proven the benefit of an open source development approach. Our suppliers are now providing a GENIVI Compliant® platform as default because they believe it’s the best way to build a quality IVI product.”

Sajjad Khan, senior vice president, Infotainment and Connected Drive, BMW Group

BMW has launched a second GENIVI development project that will reuse code from its first program, and benefit from new code added to the GENIVI platform since their first program was completed.

Source: PR Newswire


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