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HARMAN enters intelligent car coalition to support connected car innovation

Published: February 11, 2016| Washington 

HARMAN has joined the Intelligent Car Coalition, the leading advocacy group for pro-innovation connected car public policy. In joining the Intelligent Car Coalition, HARMAN continues its work collaborating with companies and trade associations in the communications and automotive industries to support understanding of how connected car technologies impact federal legislative and regulatory initiatives.

HARMAN joins members of the Coalition, including AT&T, the Auto Alliance, CTIA, Global Automakers, MEMA and Verizon, to advocate on public policy issues critical to the advancement of connected cars. These issues include driver attention, data privacy, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicle technology, innovation policy and more, as the automotive industry is further transformed by technology and innovation.

“HARMAN’s solutions are critical components within connected cars as well as powering the connected car ecosystem, and we are thrilled that they will share their unmatched perspective to further conversations in Washington that determine how fast and how far these beneficial technologies advance,” said Catherine McCullough, Executive Director of the Intelligent Car Coalition.

intelligent car coalition

With more than 2,000 patents in key domains – including safety, design, navigation, connectivity, networking, HMI and more, HARMAN continues to push the boundaries bringing connected car innovations to market that improve driver safety, increase vehicle security and enable new connected experiences.

The mission of the Intelligent Car Coalition is to advocate for public policies that bring the benefits of innovation at the intersection of automotive and communications technologies to consumers and promote safety, mobility, and transportation efficiency on our nation’s roads and highways.

Source: HARMAN


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