Maxim enhances MediaTek’s In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform

Maxim Integrated Products, a company that develops innovative analog and mixed-signal products and technologies, recently announced that select products from its automotive portfolio are being used in MediaTek’s AUTUS in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform.

According to Maxim, its gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) technology provides best-in-class video transmission capability to deliver the high-performance, flexibility and efficiency required by carmakers and tier-1 suppliers. In addition, Maxim’s power management solutions improve multimedia performance and efficiency for MediaTek’s platform.

MediaTek’s AUTUS I20 is a hexa-core infotainment solution with a flexible interface to support multiple displays. It links drivers to their vehicles to improve their driving experience, passenger safety, connectivity and entertainment by delivering information and content from the car’s sensors and multimedia sources.

Source: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


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