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Over 45% of new cars come with DAB digital radio as standard

April 15, 2014| United Kingdom:  Fresh statistics from CAP and the SMMT which show that in Q1 2014, 45.2% of new cars came with DAB digital radio as standard, up from 42.8% in Q4 2013.

In March 2014, 45.5% of new car registrations had DAB as standard (212,000), up 41% from March 2013 (144,000). This steady growth reflects the ongoing support for digital radio from vehicle manufacturers and means we are on track for 50% of new cars coming with DAB digital radio in the second half of 2014.

UK DAB Report 2014We expect a further step change when more new models get DAB as standard in Q1 next year and leading vehicle manufacturers who are yet to fit DAB as standard start introducing DAB across their range. Kia announced this week that DAB will be offered as standard on their Kia Soul model.

A major two-year programme of DAB coverage build out is now underway which includes doubling the number of local DAB transmitters (around 200 new transmitters) to get local DAB to FM equivalence, over 162 new transmitters for the BBC national network to expand it from 94% population coverage to 97%, and more transmitters for the national commercial network, Digital One. This build-out programme will also focus on the UK’s major road network and the local DAB expansion alone will bring 6,700km of roads in to DAB coverage.

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