Shlomo Sixt uses uniPaaS to develop smartphone fleet management system

Magic Software
Magic Software

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration platforms, has announced that Shlomo Sixt, the Israel-based leader in private and commercial operational car leasing, rental, and sales, has chosen Magic Software’s uniPaaS application platform to develop an innovative mobile system for managing the fleet of vehicles used by its fieldworkers.

The software was developed by the Shlomo Group IT department using the uniPaaS platform, which supports application deployment on multiple device types and mobile operating systems from a single development effort.

The new system enables company employees to use their smartphones to manage in real time the process of car delivery and return, including recording the exact location and condition of the vehicles, and also to integrate the data with other back-end systems.

“Thanks to the uniPaaS application platform and the close support provided by Magic Software, we were able to develop a complex system in a short amount of time and with a relatively small development team,” said Yuval Shani, manager of the Shlomo Group IT department.

“Magic Software’s technology for smartphone application development offers groundbreaking capabilities for enterprise IT,” said Eyal Pfeifel, CTO of Magic Software. “In the near future, uniPaaS developers will be able to run their applications on any popular smartphone without needing to modify or redevelop them in any way.”

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