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Smartphone mirroring and cloud apps to be available in new SEAT Ibiza Cupra

Published: November 19, 2015 | Barcelona

The new SEAT Ibiza Cupra interior offers SEAT Full Link, the SEAT DriveApp and the SEAT ConnectApp to enable optimum connectivity.

Alongside MirrorLink, the SEAT Full Link connectivity solution incorporates the functions of Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Users can be online, while retaining full concentration on the road, and make use of the various permitted functions conveniently and safely via the touchscreen in the new Ibiza. In the case of Apple CarPlay, those functions currently cover phone, messaging, music and maps, with more to follow in future.


MirrorLink is another perfect technology that enables the safe operation of smartphones and many of their functions and apps via the Ibiza CUPRA’s infotainment system by “mirroring” the smartphone screen on the touchscreen in the redesigned Ibiza cockpit. This works seamlessly with a growing number of MirrorLink-compatible Android smartphones. Android Auto provides quick and easy access to navigation, communication and music applications and services in a way that is safer than accessing these apps on the phone screen while driving.

The new SEAT DriveApp has been developed exclusively for users of SEAT Full Link and MirrorLink. It offers a whole range of innovative functions that can be used either in or outside the Ibiza CUPRA. For instance, the vehicle’s touchscreen can be personalised with local weather reports or contacts. Plus, the SEAT DriveApp uses “text to speech” to read out the latest posts from Facebook or Twitter, while “Challenger” offers interesting challenges to optimise driving skills, leading to a more efficient driving style. On leaving the vehicle, the “where is my car” function stores the Ibiza’s current position and finds it again whenever necessary.

Source: SEAT


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