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STMicroelectronics to provide Car Radio Processors to Visteon’s range of Connected Audio products

Published: May 5, 2014

STMicroelectronics  announced its automotive microprocessor for car radio and display audio has been selected by Visteon Corporation’s Chinese joint venture, Yanfeng Visteon Electronics (YFVE). YFVE is using ST’s car radio processor in its new Connected Audio Products, which are in production with a major global OEM on several vehicle lines.

Visteon’s “Connected Audio Solution” incorporates ST’s Automotive-grade cost-optimized Car Radio Processors. The ST processor family features multicore processors (ARM®-core processors and an application-specific DSP) performing multiple functions: digital audio decoding and playback, processing of audio effects, rich peripheral connectivity (including support for smartphone mirroring), visual interfaces, acceleration for graphical HMI, and dedicated secure CAN Vehicle Interface subsystem, among others.

“Visteon worked closely with ST on the development of this platform, which is an ideal solution to address the growing complexity of the products and the fast market requirements,” said Fabio Marchio, Vice President of Automotive Product Group and General Manager of Micro and Infotainment Division, STMicroelectronics. “Drivers and their passengers will continue to reap the benefits of the ST and Visteon cooperation in the Infotainment domain.”

The platform offers a cost-effective system architecture for minimal CPU usage and best-in-class processing performance. The platform provides full support for Open Source Linux OS offering a wide choice of middleware and application components. It is the heart of in-vehicle head units that allow multiple different programs (such as audio-video navigation) to run on the radio unit to permit customers to experience numerous applications: display control (touch screen, others), navigation, multimedia playing, connectivity, and mirroring of Smartphone/tablet interface and content.

Source: STMicroelectronics


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