Track your GPS enabled cell phone back

A signal from a stolen iPhone led detectives right to a man suspected in two Alva car burglaries Wednesday.

Deputies were called to 2200 Troyers Lane early Wednesday by Adam Troyer, who said two cell phones and two chargers were missing from his truciPhonek.

Troyer said he’d parked his truck around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and forgot to lock it.

But fortunately for Troyer, he recently installed a GPS tracking app onto the iPhone called Mobile Me.

“I immediately thought maybe I can find my phone,“ said Troyer.

Troyer and the deputy checked the computer and got a signal from the phone’s location.

As they were tracking down the phone, Troyer’s brother, who lives next door, reported a gun, camera and binoculars were also stolen from his vehicle.

The case was handed over to detectives, who were able to narrow the stolen iPhone’s location down to four houses on Rainbow Circle in LaBelle.

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