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WayRay showcases holographic AR display built into the Genesis G80 luxury sedan

WayRay at CES showcased its holographic AR display built into the Genesis G80 luxury sedan. The company also presented its 180° Holographic AR Experience, created inside the AR glass cockpit, and its True AR SDK on display,

WayRay’s holographic AR display built into the Genesis G80 sedan demonstrated the holographic AR interface with navigation elements and POI icons displayed through the windshield in the context of the environment ahead of the driver and showcased the feasibility of installing company’s compact system into existing production vehicles.

The company has also designed its 180° Holographic AR Experience concept for land, air, and water transportation. Playing out various use cases, the company visualized how augmented reality can transform the mobility experience in driverless cars, air cabs, and marine vessels. CES visitors also experienced True Augmented Reality through three distinct travel-scenario interfaces that highlight safety, navigation, and infotainment content.

The company also showcased its recently launched True AR Software Development Kit that allows third-party developers to integrate virtual objects into the real world and create AR applications that run on its holographic AR displays.

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