Ahmedabad to have vehicle tracking for waste collection


Ahmedabad: According to recent news Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has initiated the process of monitoring the solid waste management (SWM) vehicles using GPS based vehicle tracking system. The civic body has finished the pilot project with six companies and will soon issue work order.

The project would take at least six months for implementation. With this project, the civic body is aiming to improve the solid waste management which in turn would lead to better hygiene and sanitation conditions in the city.
Since, health and sanitation top AMC’s priority list, it has started a door-to-door waste collection drive. The civic body also aims to make the city dustbin-free as part of its goal of achieving the status of zero-waste city by 2031.

Even though solid waste collection has increased, problems still continue to persist. Some of these are irregularities in collection and container lifting as well as the high breakdown rate of vehicles used in the process.

Thus, GPS will help the civic body track the vehicle and detect irregularities in solid waste collection. DP Desai, deputy municipal commissioner of AMC’s e-governance department, said: “If a vehicle misses any spot or residential colony, we will get to know that without stepping out of our office. The company will have to install devices on every vehicle, moreover we need to note down longitude and latitude so it will take a little more time.”




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