Ainstein launches K-79 Autonomous Vehicle Imaging Radar Sensor

Ainstein has launched K-79 autonomous automotive imaging radar sensor, the first commercially available sensor that is optimized and validated for autonomous operation of vehicles in hazardous conditions, such as low-light and extreme dust. It is designed for use in self-driving industrial trucks, tractors and similar specialty vehicles.

Ainstein’s Autonomous Automotive Imaging Radar K-79 produces a high-resolution, detailed point cloud of a vehicle’s surroundings for both moving objectives, such as other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians; as well as stationary objects, including railings, idled equipment and buildings. Other key features include:

  • Pinpoints the location of objects and provides range, speed, azimuth and elevation information. 
  • Creates a 2D point cloud mapping of surroundings.
  • Capable of producing 3D shapes of detected objects, offering LiDAR-like image quality in poor conditions. 
  • Allows for target classification to distinguish between vehicles and pedestrians.

This functionality opens unlimited possibilities for all types of autonomous vehicles, including self-driving excavators, snow removers, shuttles, sweepers, forklifts, agricultural equipment and more. A custom K-79 based sensing solution is currently being piloted by an industry leading organization to automate mining excavation and material removal.

The K-79 combines advanced algorithms in imaging and localization, and radar system design, which allows Ainstein to leverage low-cost commercial radar components to provide a 4D radar point cloud with the most granular details of surroundings at a fraction of the cost of LiDAR systems.

Source: Press Release


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