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German Autolabs launches digital assistant for drivers

German Autolabs is building a voice AI platform for the Automotive vertical. The Berlin-based deep tech startup was founded in 2016 and produces a signature voice assistant hardware, Chris. According to the company it is the world’s first voice AI enabled digital assistant for in-car usage. The company has also now announced its availability on Amazon for £299. Chris is initially available for Android users, with the iOS release due later in 2019.

Millions of drivers want to stay connected to their digital life on the road, but using smartphones and handheld devices has made this largely unsafe and has increased distracted driving-related accidents.

Chris is attached to the glass and paired with the phone via Bluetooth whilst the smart device displays the relevant information on a round colour display. And best of all, the voice control system by Chris works differently from smartphone assistants even offline, i.e. without an Internet connection.

It supports the driver like a real passenger. Answer a WhatsApp message, start navigation, answer a call, or change music – Chris does it all thanks to intuitive voice control. Simple gestures complete the operation: it only takes a few seconds to skip songs or navigate through navigation destinations. The most important apps and services are now available while driving: WhatsApp and SMS messaging, voice-controlled navigation with worldwide maps, convenient hands-free and wireless music playback from the phone. Chris can be retrofitted to any car with a state-of-the-art, voice-controlled infotainment system, regardless of age and model.

Additional functions and services are continually being expanded and automatically updated via the Chris app. Voice recognition in most cases does not require a mobile data connection, so no data is consumed. Full functionality requires an internet connection. Chris is approved for usage in all cars and is produced by ISO certified manufacturers.

Source: Press Release


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