Artificial Intelligence

Porsche invests in Israeli start-up Anagog

Porsche is investing in artificial intelligence, the company has purchased a minority stake in Israeli start-up Anagog. Founded in 2010, the Tel Aviv-based start-up specializes in developing artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of mobility.

Software programmed and patented by Anagog allows companies to better understand and anticipate customer behavior in certain situations, leading to features such as intelligent parking options being created.

Data analysis happens directly on the mobile device, meaning that there is no need for user data to be transferred to the cloud or to external servers. As a result, users retain full control over their data, while still benefitting from better contextual services.

With this investment, Porsche is continuing to drive digital transformation and as a result, can now develop and offer context-based and personalized services.

The technology offered by Anagog is integrated into smartphone applications and is currently used in about 100 different apps from around the globe.


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