Audi connects Internet radio and Google Streetview


Audi would be fitting its cars with a new broadband Internet connection based on the ultra-fast LTE mobile connectivity standard as the latest initiative in the automaker’s ‘Audi Connect’ vehicle networking strategy.

Audi’s system would connect drivers directly to Google and would give them access to a huge number of up-to-date points of interest. It will also provide informations such as weather, travel data and breaking news and traffic updates.

Audi has announced that it has upgraded the system yet again, this time so that it offers Internet radio and Google Street View functionality. Drivers can now tune in to international radio stations via the Internet and store them in their Audi infotainment system through this smartphone app.

Navigation with Google Earth images and Street View, meanwhile, gives drivers high- resolution aerial and satellite images, photos, land formations, streets and their names as well as business information whilst on the move.

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