Autonomous vehicles will help calm down the traffic says a research

According to a research at Temple University in Philadelphia, the autonomous vehicles will help calm down the traffic. The finding by a collaborative team of researchers at Temple and three other universities indicates that self-driving cars and related technology may be even closer to revolutionizing traffic control than previously thought.

Based on model predictions and computer simulations by Associate Professor of Mathematics Benjamin Seibold, he and fellow researchers recently confirmed experimentally that self-driving cars can help prevent traffic jams when placed among human-operated cars.

Mr. Seibold and a team of researchers ran an experiment with about 20 cars on a circular track and found there only needs to be one driverless car in the circuit to avoid jams. The simulations indicated that it would be possible to eliminate phantom traffic jams if just one in every 20-25 vehicles were self-driving. It only takes about five percent of the vehicles being equipped with smart, adaptive cruise control systems and having some connectivity to actually have a substantial impact on the overall traffic flow.

However, this research is contrary to the study conducted last year by researchers from the London School of Economics in partnership with Goodyear. The study said that the autonomous vehicles may be bullied by the aggressive cars. In fact, the capacity of autonomous cars to response at lightning fast speed can give the human drivers the better chance to get away with their mistakes.


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