BMW 6 Series Sedan integrated with iDrive 4.2 and dictation function

BMW iDrive 4.2
BMW dictation function

USA: BMW has launched its newest navigation system, the iDrive 4.2, a revised design and improved operating system in 2014 BMW 6 Series . New functions have been added and the graphics now feature 3D elements.

Furthermore, the navigation maps will now display additional information like points of interest, real time traffic information and weather updates also. The perspective can be quickly switched from top view to perspective view without leaving the map.

The central information display has a split-screen option to show even more information. The arrow display will turn into a schematic whenever the driver reaches a complicated intersection, in order to offer precise lane guidance.

The latest-generation software includes a full speech recognition function and optimized voice control in order to complete the portfolio of office functions. iDrive’s dictation feature can be used  to create short text-messages which you can later send out as e-mails or SMS messages. In the BMW 6 Series Sedan users can compose messages safely and easily while on the move – with the Navigation system Professional, the Bluetooth connection and BMW Assist, users no longer need to actually hold your mobile phone. Thanks to the new dictation function in the vehicle and the offboard speech recognition by Nuance, now the written messages can be dictated , without getting distracted while driving. The multilingual system can recognize six languages including English and Spanish.

The dictation function is simply activated with the iDrive Controller via the Office menu and – on a server outside of the vehicle – converts what is being said into a text message that can be sent immediately as an e-mail or SMS. The editing function offers additional comfort, so that style and grammar don’t get left by the wayside during your journey.

After registering, the dictation function can be used  free of charge in your vehicle for a period of 60 days. Continued use requires a contract with Nuance. The dictation function and the sending of dictated e-mail and text messages depend on the mobile device.




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