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CES 2016: Magna teases affordable Level 2 autonomous technology in Cadillac ATS concept vehicle

Published: January 06, 2016 | Ontario, Canada

For the first time, Magna is demonstrating semi-autonomous technologies in Cadillac ATS sedan at the CES 2016. The demo consisted of a production Cadillac ATS with forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist technologies. The car comes from the factory with the ability to control speed and help keep the car within the lane markers through a combination of radar and camera sensors.

Using a single camera, the Magna semi-autonomous car could read road lane markers, speed limit signs, detect cars ahead and traffic lights. The TechRadar’s reporter rode in the back seat while the Magna representative showed how the system works. In its current state, the system only works on highways to provide semi-autonomous functions so you can relax but still have to pay attention, somewhat, at least.


The demo car has the car’s driver assist technologies disabled, with the radar sensor required for adaptive cruise control to function physically disconnected. Magna hacked into the vehicle’s CANbus to take control of the car’s gas and brake pedals, and lane keep assist steering functions to provide semi-autonomous driving capabilities with a single front-mounted camera, which lane keep assist and forward collision warning technologies rely on. 

Forward collision prevention and lane keep assist systems are already mainstream in compact cars such as the new Honda Civic and next-generation Hyundai Elantra, so the required hardware for semi-autonomous highway cruising or traffic jam assist features are already installed in the car. 

Source: TechRadar


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