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Changan’s autonomous sedan travels from Chongqing to Beijing

 Published: April 19, 2016 | Beijing, China

On April 12, 2016, a Changan Raeton sedan began an autonomous demonstration drive from Changan’s General Research Institute in Chongqing (China) to Beijing (China). Upon its arrival in Beijing on April 17, 2016, this autonomous vehicle covered over 2,000 km. This road demonstration will make Changan the first Chinese automaker to have developed and tested a long distance autonomous driving vehicle.


A caravan followed the two Raeton Sedans, which can handle single lane autonomous driving, cruise control, speed changes at traffic signals, and are powered with artificial intelligence, camera, and voice control technologies. The cars reached maximum speeds of about 75 mph during the trip.

Changan intends to integrate its global resources to create a global autonomous vehicle R&D system. An autonomous vehicle Technology R&D center was already established at the General Research Institute in China, along with a R&D department at Changan’s United States R&D Center. Changan is also moving to set up an office in Silicon Valley, California (USA) and a software development center in India. Each one of these centers will focus on developing key hardware and software technologies for connected and autonomous vehicle.



Source: Changan Automobile


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