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Continental to test connected energy management in 48V hybrid Volkswagen

Published: December 22, 2015 | Regensburg

At CES 2016, in Las Vegas, Continental, for the first time the innovative cEM demo vehicle, which helps the driver to save even more fuel. The car is a mild hybrid equipped with the Continental 48 Volt Eco Drive system. Compared to the 1.2 liter TSI engine powered Golf VI base model complete with 12 volt stop-start function, the Eco Drive hybrid can save up to 21 percent of fuel. cEM can add another 3 to 4 percent of fuel efficiency to this without touching the vehicle architecture.


By analyzing cloud data of the current traffic situation, cEM suggests to the driver when it makes sense to step off the pedal. If you approach a traffic light that is about to turn red, cEM will inform you. If you take your foot off the accelerator, the car will automatically activate the optimum combination of engine-off coasting and regenerative braking.

For instance, cEM will tell the driver when it is most efficient to step off the pedal and just let the car use coasting and regenerative braking until it comes to a standstill in front of a red traffic light. cEM combines dynamic cloud data and map data with onboard long-range radar information to accomplish this.

Based on cloud data, obtained through the car’s dynamic eHorizon, the cEM vehicle “knows” the road ahead and the actual traffic condition. This information is utilized to make recommendations to the driver. For instance, the cEM’s Traffic Light Assist function knows when the next traffic light will turn red, which may not be in the driver’s line of sight. A tangible signal at the Accelerator Force Feedback Pedal (AFFP) plus a visual information in the cluster instrument suggest to the driver to slow down. All the driver needs to do is take the foot off the accelerator. The cEM will ensure that the car arrives at the stop line with a minimum of wheel braking.

Another new cEM function that will be showcased is called the Intelligent Deceleration Assistant. It offers guidance to the driver in a multitude of situations, when the car’s instantaneous speed eventually needs to be reduced.

Source: Continental



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