Datuk Hj Shaheen b Mirza Habib, President PPKKM

Datuk Hj Shaheen b Mirza  Habib , President of Security Services Association of Malaysia, (PPKKM)
Datuk Hj Shaheen b Mirza Habib , President of Security Services Association of Malaysia, (PPKKM)

Security Services Association of Malaysia (PPKKM) is a non-governmental organization  which  comprises  of  security  companies  registered  and licensed  by  the  Ministry  of  Home  Affairs,  Malaysia.  It  has  over  400 members  security  companies  in  its  fold.  Datuk Hj Shaheen b Mirza  Habib,  President  PPKKM  shares  his  views about the  journey  of the  organization  so far  with Telematics Wire.

Q. Could you kindly provide an overview of the PPKKM and its activities in Malaysia?

Security Services Association Malaysia (SSAM) or PersatuanPerkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia or PPKKM was registered in 1980 when there were only about 90 security companies. The Association is a governing body for the security services in Malaysia. The Association assists the members by providing information on government tenders and setting the minimum service charges to be charged to the customers. The Association keeps the record of all the training provided and the statistic is given to the Home Ministry to assist them in regulating this sector in terms of availability of trained manpower, training standards etc.

Q. Security has seen lot of investments at various sectors across the world. Do you see this trend to continue and government organizations and industry will spend more for security in coming years in Malaysia?

As we all know that the smooth functioning and consistent growth of any country is primarily dependent on the highest level of safety and security of its people and key assets and infrastructures, hence, investments in the area of safety and security of people, assets and key infrastructures are of primary importance today. This has also allowed the safety and security industry to grow manifolds all across the world and also in Malaysia. Malaysia has seen a very interesting trend and immense growth in the safety and security segment with the technological advancements reaching the common masses. This trend is and will continue to grow right from an individual/personal security to various businesses, un-movable and movable assets, to vehicle and cargo safety etc. as safety ensures the integrity.

Q. What are the security challenges faced in Malaysia today? Do you think it is necessary to invest in security and secured solutions especially in the transportation and supply chain logistics sector?

Like any other country or place in the world, there are security challenges faced in Malaysia as well, some of the challenges are personal safety safeguarding the transportation and supply chain logistics, security of installations etc.  Today hundreds of millions of people and goods are transported not only all across the country but also cross borders and, any kind of compromise with the safety and security at any point of this transportation and supply chain logistics can be devastating to all.

Q. Could you kindly provide us your views about the usage of GPS based tracking system in security service solutions?

In the case of security services solutions especially, the use of technologies such as GPS based tracking systems and solutions have benefitted both the technology providers, services and solutions providers and as well as their customers, end users and consumers. Such as in the case of cash-in-transit vehicles, high value consignments, cold chain logistics, pharmaceuticals etc.  requiring an extremely high level of integrity and a real time control and end-to-end monitoring to ensure safe, secure and timely transit and deliveries, which indeed can only be achieved via the use of technology such as GPS based tracking systems and solutions.

Q. Will PPKKM look forward to sensitisation and awareness creation of technologies like M2M and Telematics for security services?

PPKKM at all times keeps itself most updated and informed on various technological advancements by way of its participations in various prestigious technology, security and business workshops, seminars, colloquiums, conferences & exhibitions etc. and also encourages each of its member companies to also actively participate, learn and benefit from such prestigious events. One of the examples of which is PPKKM’s participation in the ‘Business Security Conference’ the theme of which is ‘”Improving Business Through Crime Reduction”, organized by the Malaysian International Chamber Of Commerce & Industries (MICCI)’ on the 31 October 2012, at the Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, where we will have speakers from M2M and Telematics industry, this will be a very good opportunity for PPKKM and its member companies to actively participate and learn and benefit form the event on M2M and Telematics technologies. So you will realize that PPKKM is already doing its best to sensitize and create awareness of the focussed technologies for security services industry.


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