Ford and VW progressing towards potential agreement on autonomous cars

Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Company last month had announced the first formal agreements to investigate collaboration on autonomous vehicles. According to a news report by Bloomberg, now the companies have overcome earlier obstacles and are progressing towards a potential agreement.

The companies are also deliberating on a possible framework for Volkswagen to work with and invest in Argo AI. Formed in 2016 Argo AI is an artificial intelligence company that is working the space of self-driving cars and is backed by Ford. There is also a possibility that Volkswagen can contribute its own autonomous technology, known as the Autonomous Intelligent Driving unit.

The report without naming the sources also informs that the companies have found common ground on a structure to jointly bring self-driving cars to market, the companies for this may together create an entity similar to a joint venture, with each partner having equal ownership of the self-driving software.


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