Ford unveils a new concept called ‘Autolivery’ at Mobile World Congress

The Ford motor company has unveiled a new concept called ‘Autolivery’ at Mobile World Congress, it is aimed to solve last-mile delivery challenges.

The Autolivery concept will be making use of self-driving vehicles carrying drones to complete product deliveries. It will be making deliveries in crowded urban areas, specifically tackling the “last 15 metres” in goods delivery.

Ken Washington, VP (Research and Advanced Engineering) of Ford Motor Company has said,

“Ford has at its heart a culture of disruption and innovation designed to come up with solutions that put people first, to save them time, money and aggravation, and also to make our cities easier to navigate and better to live in. While the scene shown today is not yet possible, Autolivery suggests how our ongoing mobility research could enrich our lives in a more sustainable ‘City of Tomorrow’.”

The concept has been developed by Shanghai-based Ford designers Euishik Bang, James Kuo and Chelsia Lau in its internal Last Mile Mobility Challenge.


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