Fujitsu Ten develops in-car device using HTML5

HTML5 based in-car device
HTML5 based in-car device

Japan: Fujitsu Ten’s in-car navigation brand, ECLIPSE, is developing a next-generation in-car device utilizing HTML5 web technology.

As per the source, currently, implementation of web applications using HTML5 is mainly for smartphones, tablets and PC. The in-car device industry is also considering adoption of HTML5 in order to incorporate the trend of mobile devices that are progressing rapidly and also to contribute to the improvement of design development efficiency. Fujitsu Ten has succeeded in producing a prototype development of an in-car application device using HTML5.

As in news, the main features of the device are:

• The latest designs and functions of smartphones and tablets are included in the in-car device.
• Different variations can be easily utilized for application with automobile-specific peripherals like an on-board camera. A specific example is camera utilization for augmented reality (AR) navigation.
• It can be used for remote operation applications like operator services, as it can provide easy communication between the in-car device and external terminal.
• Smart phone functions (phone, e-mail, address book, music, video, pictures, etc.) can be easily utilized from the in-car device (Incorporation with KDDI Corp., KDDI R&B Labs).
• The latest applications can be used with safety and security by exploiting vehicle information such as speed.


Source: Fujitsu Ten


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