GACHA, an autonomous shuttle bus for all weather conditions launched

An autonomous shuttle bus for all weather conditions, GACHA, has been launched. Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4 provided software for positioning, navigation, and obstacle detection; MUJI, provided expertise in design and user experience. RoboSense, LiDAR environment perception solutions provider, provided cold-resistant all-weather LiDAR for the autonomous shuttle.

GACHA is equipped with RoboSense’s advanced cold-resistant 16-beam mechanical LiDAR environment perception system to operate vehicles in harsh winter and other severe weather conditions. The shuttle was designed in collaboration with Under extreme weather conditions, the performance of critical sensors, such as LiDARs and cameras, are severely impacted. Low temperatures, such as in Finland, at -30°C (-22°F), can incapacitate semiconductor components, while snow and icy roads cripple the image algorithms’ ability. Under these circumstances, RoboSense’s new cold-resistant LiDAR is essential since it “sees” a 3D world through emitting and receiving lasers pulses, with point cloud algorithms that accurately recognize obstacles, even in snow and ice.

According to Sensible 4, GACHA can be fully integrated in existing public transportation systems. Taking the city’s people to work, school, hobbies and wherever within the bus’ predefined zone of operations. Because of the shuttle’s condition-defying intelligence and performance, GACHA smoothly navigates in heavy traffic and complicated urban surroundings.

Sensible 4 is currently producing a development fleet to be used for public open road pilots in 2020 in various cities in Finland and abroad. The series production of the shuttle bus is planned to be set up in 2021. For the same year the company has planned GACHA’s first permanent commercial operations to be established with integration to public transportation systems.

Source: Press Release


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