GM’s OnStar revises its subscription plans in the US and Canada

Published: March 11, 2015 | United States

General Motors’ telematics arm, OnStar, has quietly revised its subscription plans in the United States and Canada. The subsidiary now offers four plans — Guidance, SecurityProtection and the free Basic Plan, which is one plan more than the three plans — Directions & Connections, Safe & Sound, and the free Basic Plan — that it offered before.

OnStar subscription plan

Overall, Guidance seems to be a replacement for Directions & Connections, and Security replaces Safe & Sound, with the price point of each plan increasing by $5 per month. Meanwhile, the entry-level Protection plan is new and only offers the Automatic Crash Response service and the Onstar FamilyLink service can be added on to either plan for $3.99 a month. To note, the new plans and pricing changes are only applicable to the U.S. and Canada markets, and do not apply to Mexico or China.

Revised OnStar Plans (2015 revision)

Revised onstar plan

Source: GM Authority Blog


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