GWM and Mobileye to deliver ADAS and Autonomous Driving solutions in China

At CES 2019, Mobileye has announced it is exploring a strategic collaboration with Great Wall Motors (GWM), one of the leading automakers in China.

As part of the engagement, GWM will integrate Mobileye-based ADAS systems ranging from L0-L2+ onto a wide range of vehicle models over the next three to five years.
In parallel with ADAS integration, the companies will explore development of higher autonomous systems (L3 and above) to address the unique characteristics of China’s roadways.

The potential partnership with GWM may extend Mobileye’s growing presence in China and builds on continued momentum for the company’s ADAS technology. As demand for ADAS solutions grows among automakers and becomes increasingly standard around the world, Mobileye is leveraging the vast amount of information gleaned from deployed systems to enhance and implement higher levels of autonomy.

Unlocking our autonomous future requires innovation in the areas of computing, safety and mapping. Together, Intel and Mobileye are delivering the full breadth of world-class technologies and products needed for this next era.

Source: Press Release


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