HARMAN signs new branded audio agreement with Volvo Cars

United States:  HARMAN, the premium global audio and infotainment group  today announced a new relationship with automaker Volvo Cars to deploy first-class Harman Kardon® audio systems across a number of Volvo vehicles. The first Volvos equipped with Harman Kardon sound were unveiled today at the Geneva Autosalon; they include models in the V40, V/S60, V/XC70 and XC60 lines.

Volvo has already lined up a range of vehicles to feature Harman Kardon audio, including the XC60, V60, S60, S60L, V40, V40 Cross Country, S80, S80L, V70 and XC70. With the first Volvo vehicles with Harman Kardon audio systems on board scheduled to leave the factory this May, drivers can soon look forward to a boost to the Volvo in-car listening experience.

Today’s listeners want to enjoy the best sound everywhere, and in today’s highly mobile society, in-car audio has become an increasingly important part of the driving experience. Developed by premium audio experts for music enthusiasts, the Harman Kardon Audio System will deliver a superb audio experience into Volvo vehicles. With features including a 5-channel Class-D amplifier with 130 watts per channel, Dirac Live™ sound tuning for exceptional sound reproduction over the entire frequency range, and ALumaprene midrange speakers and mid-woofers for optimal damping characteristics, the Harman Kardon audio system is engineered to soundstage the interior of the car. These among other advantages were the motivator for Volvo’s decision to roll out Harman Kardon audio systems across its range.



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