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HERE furthers discussion on global in-vehicle data standard for automated driving

Published: October 08, 2015 | Auburn Hills, MI

HERE along with participants from a dozen companies from the automotive industry assembled yesterday in Auburn Hills, Michigan to continue their joint efforts to drive a global standard for how in-vehicle sensor data is transmitted to a location cloud. The aim of this effort is to accelerate the development of automated driving and to ensure that the results are available globally. Any interested party can find out more and join here.

At the Auburn Hills event participants (including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, INRIX, Robert Bosch GmbH and TomTom) discussed technical issues such as data content, security, anonymization, technical accuracy and efficiency. In addition participants addressed how best to hand over the specification to a neutral standards body to ensure cooperation among all industry players globally. 

The event follows a successful initial gathering in Berlin this summer where 16 automotive, companies, system vendors and suppliers met to kick off a discussion about establishing an interface that defines how sensor data gathered by vehicles on the road can be ingested by the cloud. As cars become connected to the Internet they will generate tremendous amounts of data.

With a standard format for this data, modern vehicles can more easily transmit to the cloud information about road conditions in real-time to improve safety for drivers.  The data generated would be analogous regardless of vehicle manufacturer and could be pooled, processed and analyzed quickly to create a detailed live view of traffic conditions.

On November 4, HERE will gather automotive companies from across Asia at an event in Tokyo to further drive industry collaboration.

Source: HERE


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