HERE Technologies opens a new R&D facility in Boulder, Colorado

HERE Technologies, has opened a new R&D facility in Boulder, Colorado. The site brings together experts in geospatial engineering, machine learning and data science to work on cutting-edge processes that enable HERE’s HD Live Map to “self-heal”. This is where crowdsourced data from live car sensors are used to validate and update the high-definition map, keeping it constantly fresh and accurate.

HERE HD Live Map is essential for the overall safety and comfort of autonomous driving. The vehicle relies on the map to localize itself on the road, as well as to better understand the road environment beyond the range of its near-field sensors for strategic path planning.

Located at 4900 Pearl East Circle, the HERE Boulder team is currently 20 employees strong and growing. HERE is actively hiring for positions including lead and senior software engineers. The team will work closely with colleagues across the world, from Berkeley, California to Berlin, Germany, and join the company’s more than 8,500 employees across 56 countries.

The Boulder site is set up to optimize go-to-market speed for HERE’s numerous customers and partners. This includes a testing location for proof of concepts, working with production-ready methods and putting the technology into market.

More than 20 automotive companies are using HERE HD Live Map for autonomous vehicle R&D. One of the first for the industry, HERE recently announced that BMW and Daimler plan to use HD Live Map in future production cars.


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