Hyundai’s 4th biennial competition for autonomous cars

Hyundai Motor recently held its fourth biennial competition for autonomous cars at a local speed circuit. The automaker has been holding driverless car race since 2010. The aim of the exercise is to promote technology growth along with enhancing the brand image of the car maker.

The company has come up with a process in which it provides advice and information to the self-driving cars to university students and they apply their know-how to design their own autonomous cars. It also provides financial support to the teams.


The company also offers rewards for the contestants, including 50 million won ($45,000) in prize money and an opportunity to visit the United States, for the participating teams.

This year 11 teams from different universities comprising engineering students participated in the race sponsored by Hyundai. They competed with each other on a 5.2-kilometer track in terms of speed, braking, changing speeds and steering function.

Hyundai aims to develop an autonomous car which is affordable. It had debuted its self-driving technology recently on the roads of Las Vegas, ahead of CES in January. According to some media reports, Hyundai’s self-driving cars will be launched within three years. The company has confirmed that it will debut an autonomous driving system for highway usage by 2020.


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