Hyundai showcases its affordable self driving car in Las Vegas

In this highly dynamic ecosystem where the companies right from conventional auto makers like Ford, BMW to Google and Apple in their quest for appropriate business models are engaging themselves in new businesses like ride-sharing, Hyundai has been focusing on simplest of the all strategies i.e. building an affordable autonomous car.

Hyundai Motor Company Presents Self Driving Vehicle
Hyundai Motor Company Presents Self Driving Vehicle

Hyundai debuted its self-driving technology recently on the roads of Las Vegas, ahead of CES in January. Hyundai used the Ioniq as the base for its test vehicle. The company has used computer with less computational power which relys on less sensory data and  hence built a cheaper car  when compared to its competitors. Instead of using a 360-Degree Lidar mounted at the top the car, it has installed two 110-Degree Lidar on either sides of the car and a 130-Degree Lidar infront of the car. It has done away with the Lidar at the back of the car. The car also has camera fixed above the wind shield and a Radar fixed behind its logo at the front. For making up for the less sensory data the car uses hi-definition maps developed by Hyundai subsidiary Msoft. The computer used is of less computational power and hence saves a fair amount of investment. The car traveled of its own fairly well in its demo in Las Vegas.



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