Jeppesen now offers latest VFR/GPS charts

Jeppesen VFR/GPS Chart
Jeppesen VFR?GPS Chart

VFR pilots in North America will no longer have to purchase VFR/GPS charts for each revision cycle when they are updated. Instead, Jeppesen will provide them all new updated VFR/GPS area and enroute charts for one year subscription.

Jeppesen customer will automatically receive updated VFR/GPS charts. They don’t have to keep track of the latest updations that are happening in the area and enroute charts. These new VFR/GPS charts are designed to take maximum advantages of the innovations that are happening in GPS technology.

These charts provide valuable information like obstacle and other terrain data, which makes flying more safe. Contrasting color scheme is used to make sure that pilot can get all the desired information just by simply looking at the screen. Charts are available in two scales, 1:250,000 for class B airspace and 1:500,000 for actual VFR flight activity.

Jeppesen has priced subscription based charts cheaper than regular charts.

get the latest VFR/GPS charts from Jeppesen on a one year subscription basis
Subscribe latest VFR/GPS charts from Jeppesen

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